When Will iOS 7.1 Be Released?

2 minute read

Even though iOS 7.1 is only a point update, for many, it’s an update that people want right now. When Apple announced iOS 7 for the first time, I was very excited, it took me while to get used to the all-new design but now, looking back, iOS 6 just looks old.

The most common issue within iOS 7 are springboard crashes. These are very annoying. You could be sending a text, browsing Safari or even be on the phone to somebody and suddenly, the device will restart at it’s own accord. Why is this? It’s confusing to explain but basically there are memory leaks within iOS 7.

The good thing is iOS 7.1 will fix these memory leaks but there is no sign as to when Apple will be releasing the update. There have been rumours that it will be mid-March. What I am confident in saying is that I’m 90% sure that iOS 7.1 will land before April. The reason? Apple have been at the centre of controversy around in-app purchases and as a part of an FTC settlement, Apple must modify it’s billing procedure to obtain consumers’ consent before billing them for an in-app purchase before the 31st of March. Implementing these changes will require an iOS update and although there’s a slim chance Apple will release iOS 7.0.7, there’s a high chance it will be iOS 7.1.

We’ve been waiting along time for iOS 7.1 and I cannot believe it’s taken Apple this long to release a point update. I mean iOS 7.1 has been in beta process longer than iOS 7.0! Personally, I think iOS 7.1 is ready but Apple don’t want to release a minor update just to change the in-app policies, they want to bundle it all within iOS 7.1 to save pushing out two updates.

When iOS 7.1 is finally released I will be adding a review on it so stay tuned.