The Walking Dead Returns! (SPOILERS from Season 4 Episode 8 “Too Far Gone”)

2 minute read

So it’s been two months until, what was, in my opinion, the best episode The Walking Dead provided us with.  The prison is no longer a safe place as The Governor gave Rick an ultimatum, leave the prison or be killed. Rick did try to reason with The Governor but to no avail.

Mitch (The Governor’s right-hand man) used a tank to destroy the prison, leaving it vulnerable. The tank continued to fire explosives and that was when everyone from Rick’s group decided that staying where they were was no longer an option. Everyone began to climb upon the evacuation bus.

However, Maggie brought Glenn aboard the bus but immediately left him to go and find her sister Beth who was searching for Rick’s baby daughter, Judith.  While all this was happening, the massive group of walkers that, earlier on in the season were being stopped by entering the compound by tall fences were now advancing towards the prison.

Tyreese was confronted by two walkers who were killed by Lizzie and Mika. The children then ran towards the prison as Tyreese followed them telling them to go the other way. Meanwhile, Daryl blew up the tank by placing a grenade in the turret, killing Mitch in the process and then fled the prison with Beth.

At the front of the compound, The Governor nearly strangled Rick but Michonne stabbed him through the chest. Rick and his son Carl who were looking for Judith found an empty, bloody baby carrier. Devastated, both limped away from the prison. The Governor remained on the floor dying in the field as walkers advanced towards him. Lilly then approached the wounded Governor and shot him in the head.

So, that is what happened, in a nutshell. The episode was just fantastic. Many questions remain unanswered though. Will the group be reunited? Where is Rick’s daughter, Judith? Where on earth will Rick and Carl end up, or the others for that matter? Seven episodes remain of season 4 and it certainly looks like we are in for a treat as it’s now looking increasingly difficult to live in the world they all live in.