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No Company Lasts Forever, No Matter How Successful

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This’ll probably be a short post but I just wanted to address Apple’s current situation. Yesterday they posted their Q3 earnings for 2016. They earned $42.4 (£32) billion in revenue and $7.8 (£5.9) billion in profit and sold 40.4 million iPhone’s (down from 47.5 last year), 4.25 million Mac’s (down from 4.8 million last year) and 9.95 million iPad’s (down from 10.9 million).

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Apple’s Q4 Earnings

1 minute read

On the 27th of January 2014, Apple announced their strongest ever quarterly earnings. Firstly, let’s talk money as that’s what it’s all about. Apple posted revenue of £57.6 billion (£34 billion) and net share quarterly profit of £13.1 billion (£7.8 billion). These numbers are crazy and what follows is mesmerising.

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