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Apple Watch Series 2 – Review

7 minute read


When Apple introduced the original Apple Watch it was unknown how its product cycle would unfold. Would Apple be upgrading it every 12 months? No. It looks like Apple are sticking to a 16 month cycle and that’s fine by me. A watch doesn’t need to be updated yearly like the iPhone does. The technology isn’t there yet. The Apple Watch no longer comes in three types like it did with the original.

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Apple Watch – First Impressions

2 minute read

First things first. In my previous post about Apple Watch I said that I had pre-ordered the Apple Watch Sport 38mm with Black Sport Band, however on the 22nd of April I also pre-ordered the Apple Watch 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band. I couldn’t bring myself to cancel the Apple Watch Sport pre-order in case it turned up first.

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Apple Watch – Pre-ordered

1 minute read

So, I got up at 0730, had breakfast and waited until around 0755 before I started getting ready. Although, to be fair, there wasn’t much to do. With the Apple Store app, it is much easier than using the Apple website and I had already favourited the watch I was going to get so I didn’t have find it.

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