Spartacus: War of the Damned Finale – Review (SPOILERS)

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So, the TV drama Spartacus is all over and the finale of War of the Damned was the best hour of television I have ever seen. It all started off as Andy Whitfield starring as Spartacus in the first season called Blood and Sand, he was, outstanding and the season as a whole was brilliant although it did take a couple of episodes to get going. Unfortunately, Andy Whitfield died from cancer and Steven S. DeKnight (the creator) had to think hard as to what to do next.

A prequel was announced which was called Gods of the Arena and it was a mini series which contained six episodes. DeKnight had his work cut out as he had to find someone else to pose as Spartacus, he did. His name was Liam McIntyre and he starred in the second season (Vengeance) and the third and final season (War of the Damned). This post was supposed to be about the finale but as you can see I’ve drifted away from that so let’s talk about the finale right now!

As I said at the start, the finale was the best hour of television I have ever seen. I’ll skip the first half of the finale and jump straight to the massive fight between the Romans and the massive army Spartacus now has. It was an enthralling battle and not short of violence. While the Romans advance, Spartacus tells his troops to halt but the Romans keep advancing and fall into a hidden trench which is full of spears in an upright position. Next, Spartacus and his troops lay planks across the trench and advance. Spartacus and Crassus confront on the battlefield and Crassus is knocked from his horse. His men lead him away to safety.

During the battle, many major characters died, Saxa, Lugo, and even Gannicus came to their end. Spartacus then goes after Crassus and kills anybody who gets in his way. Eventually we were faced with Spartacus and Crassus at the top of a mountain getting ready to fight one final time. Crassus did last quite a long time in my opinion as Spartacus is almost impossible to beat one-on-one. After getting Spartacus in a vulnerable position, Crassus goes for one final blow but Spartacus somehow stops his strike. With anger luming in his eyes and sword in hand he brings his sword up but before he can strike Crassus two spears from behind pierce through his body and a third is thrown through his leg.

That is, in a nutshell what happened in the finale. McIntyre was just in a class of his own in War of the Damned and I’ll admit I did cry when the spears went through his body! I will miss Spartacus but it’s time has come to an end. While the series did get off to a slow start, stay with it and you’ll be rewarded. It’s just outstanding. Thank you Steven S. DeKnight as well as all of the main cast and let’s hope a spin-off involving Crassus and Caesar will happen in time.