Mercedes – The Untouchables

2 minute read

I know, I know, we’re only one race into the 2015 Formula 1 season but it already looks like it’s going to be between Hamilton and Rosberg for the Championship yet again. At the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes finished over 30 seconds in front of Vettel and actually managed to lap both of the Red Bull cars.

It’s clear that Mercedes aren’t running at full power. I have a feeling they are using around 80% of the power they have at their disposal. As soon as they get a whiff of a Ferrari, a Williams or a Red Bull they’ll turn up the engine. Mercedes are in total control. There are two types of Formula 1 fans. The first type simply want to experience close exciting racing and the second type support a certain team or driver, in this case, I fall under the second type, I support Hamilton so for me, at this moment in time, I am loving Formula 1.

Now, for the fans that simply want close exciting racing, I agree, it’s boring at the minute. Other teams are already asking for the regulations to be changed so the field can be brought closer together. Of course, Mercedes disagree with this. I also disagree. I know I am bias but there is one reason why the rules shouldn’t be changed. Every team has the same set of regulations and the same amount of time to follow to the regulations. Mercedes have done the better job with the same regulations. No-one blinked an eye when Mr. Vettel was winning nearly every race from the 2010-2013 Formula 1 season. Also, when Vettel was at Red Bull it was only him at the front, his team-mate Webber wasn’t up there fighting with him, Vettel always dominated the races and faced no competition at all. With Mercedes however, it’s not just one driver, it’s both. Both are up there fighting and neither driver is dominating. Yet.

Now, when I say “yet”, it’s because I have a feeling Rosberg won’t ever get another chance again, last year was his chance and he didn’t take it. Whether we like it or not, Rosberg is a very fast driver. We have to admit that. Last year, he got more pole positions than Hamilton. I know we’ve only had one race but Hamilton looked amazing in Australia, he dominated the weekend and kept Rosberg at bay, maintaining the gap. He had the pace in his pocket if he needed it. I think Hamilton (bar any reliability issues) will walk the Championship this year. That’s famous last words!

For some, it’ll be a boring season, for some, it’ll be a fantastic season. Ferrari have made a big step forward but it’s the Silver Arrows that remain ahead of the pack and it’ll be a long while before anyone can hunt them down. Mercedes are, at the minute, untouchable.