iOS 9 Wishlist

2 minute read

Apple are already internally testing iOS 9. It’s still six months until we all get a sneak preview at WWDC and eight months until we actually get our hands on it. I have a wishlist of what I’d like to see in iOS 9.

“Close All” button in Multitasking

This is so simple and I’m unsure as to why Apple has yet to add this feature. Users have been asking for this simple feature for quite a while now. There’s not much to say about this as it would simply a button that would close all apps that are running in the background. When you double tap the Home button, icons appear at the bottom of the screen indicating what apps are active, however, if you swipe all the way to right, a preview of the Home screen is displayed and there’s no icon preview, this is where Apple could add the “Close All” button. I really hope it’s make it’s debut in iOS 9, it’s such a small feature but would make such a difference.

“Up Next” in Music app

This should be (and maybe it isn’t and that’s why it’s still missing) an easy feature to add because the Remote app and iTunes currently have the ability to do it. Like the “Close All” button in Multitasking, it’s a small change but it would make the music experience so much better.

Night Mode

iOS 8 is basically all-white and when you’re settling down for the night and your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, wouldn’t it be great if, after setting a time, iOS would switch to a night mode? OS X Yosemite introduced a night mode so I can’t see why Apple can’t do it in their next major version of iOS.

Control Center Customisation

Control Center was a great addition but I feel it’s time Apple gave us the ability to add and remove shortcuts. As an example, I don’t use Bluetooth much so, instead, I’d like a mobile data shortcut, that would be really handy and save time which is the main point.

Ability to Post to Facebook and Twitter from Notification Centre (Again)

This was a feature in iOS 6, but for some reason, it didn’t make it into iOS 7 or even iOS 8. I used the feature a lot and I do miss it. I’m not sure why Apple removed the ability to do this.

Instagram and Vine Integration

We already have Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo integrated into the OS and Instagram and Vine are very popular. To me, Facebook and Twitter and both way ahead of all the rest but Instagram and Vine are close behind and becoming even more popular.

Do Not Disturb Custom Days

Currently, in iOS 8 you simply add a start time and end time to Do Not Disturb and that’s it, you can’t select which days. As a example, on weekdays, I’d set it to 2200-0800 and on the weekend, 2300-0900.

That’s just a quick wishlist that I’ve come up with. There’s a chance we’ll see two to three features added from my wishlist, I’m thinking (hoping) Apple may finally add some sort of “Close All” button, give us the ability to customise Control Center and add a night mode in iOS 9. Of course, we’ll hear many rumours, many of which will be false but if there is credibility behind them, I’ll be writing about it on here.