iOS 7.1 Release Date and Bug Fixes

1 minute read

iOS 7.1 is looking to be one of Apple’s greatest updates. It’s safe to say that iOS 7 is full of bugs. I’ll even say Apple shouldn’t have released iOS 7 when they did, they should of delayed it. However, with iOS 7.1 nearing release we’ll no longer get random crashes that a lot of people are experiencing.

There has been a lot of rumours as to when iOS 7.1 will be released. I think Apple will release a sixth beta today at around 1800 GMT and around two or three weeks after that the GM (Gold Master) will be released. A lot of people will take a massive sigh of relief,  as, once iOS 7.1 is installed, bugs that have been bugging us for a while, will no longer be. I agree that Apple should have done a better job on iOS 7 but they’ve made up a lot of ground with 7.1.

Some of the bugs that will be fixed include; the random crashes which are very annoying, this can happen when you’re browsing Safari, looking through photos or even when you’re in the middle of a call. Next, although it’s not a bug, it’s a biggie. Performance. Especially on iPad, lag is a major issue. Animations are also a lot faster and smoother which is great. Next, the keyboard. The keyboard has more contrast and new shift and delete keys have been added.

So, iOS 7.1, thankfully, will fix a lot of major bugs but at the same time, add new features. iOS 7.1 can’t come quick enough.