iOS 11 Beta 1 Features and Bugs

2 minute read

It’s that time of the year ago, beta season has sprung! Yesterday at WWDC, Apple unveiled all new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. In this post I am focussing on iOS 11 and, with beta 1, as always, will start off listing the bugs first and then the new features. Again, a word of warning, do not install this on your primary device and if you can’t resist, ensure you have a backup first.


  • Auto-Brightness is broken
  • Missing “Clear All” in Notifications Pane (visible in Home screen however)
  • Slight delay when opening and closing apps
  • 3D Touch access to App Switcher doesn’t work (or it’s been removed)
  • Cannot switch FaceTime camera
  • Cannot share via Messages
  • Old App Icon still appears in Settings
  • Without 3D Touch, you cannot dismiss Notifications on Lock screen
  • Must manually quit App Store (only once) before you can individually update apps
  • Ad-blockers are broken
  • Music widget stuck on Lock screen
  • Battery widget is always displayed despite no other devices connected
  • Unable to disable apps in iMessage drawer
  • Sometimes the Lock screen will show the Home screen wallpaper


  • Fully customisable Control Center (yes!)
  • Peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments in Messages app (currently only in US)
  • New Automatic Setup (hold your new iPhone near a current iPhone or Mac and it’ll setup personal settings, iCloud Keychain passwords and more)
  • One-handed keyboard
  • Apple Maps now have lane guidance, indoor maps and speed limits
  • Do Not Disturb while Driving
  • All Notifications visible from the Lock screen
  • Screen recording
  • New Calculator icon and UI
  • Ability to tap AirPods to play next or previous track
  • Signal bars make their return
  • Emergency SOS is back for other countries
  • Auto-Answer calls (with a timer when to answer)
  • Type to Siri
  • New Background Refresh options (Off/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi & Mobile Data)
  • Redesigned Now Playing on Lock screen
  • Live Photos can now be taken during a FaceTime call
  • GIF support in Photos app
  • Facebook and Twitter integration has been removed
  • iCloud file sharing added
  • Some apps that only allowed “Always” in Location Services can now be set to “When Using”
  • New “Accounts & Passwords” panel in Settings
  • New “Shut Down” panel in Settings
  • Once a screenshot is taken, it’s shrunk down and immediately editable, you can then discard it or save it to the Photos app

I’ve highlighted a few points there, firstly, customisable Control Center. You can finally add Low Power Mode and toggle Mobile Data. It does look very different and it looks like it has no hierarchy but I’m sure it’ll get tweaked over the next few betas. Screen recording is also a biggie, you can longer need to download a third-party app and people have been wanting to do this, natively, for a long time.

If you own AirPods, you were probably disappointed that you couldn’t play the next or previous track by tapping one of the AirPods, now, in iOS 11, you can and this is the icing on the cake for me. I thought we’d have to wait until the second generation of AirPods to see this feature but that’s not the case! Finally, GIF support in the Photos app, another change people have wanted, for a very long time.

iOS 11 doesn’t look different (there are a few new icons but the UI looks, generally, the same) but there are so many changes I haven’t mentioned and I bet there are some I haven’t even found yet. Expect beta 2 to drop in two weeks from now.