iOS 10 Wishlist – Part II

3 minute read

Firstly I recommend you read the first part of my iOS 10 wishlist. In this post I talk about more features I’d like Apple to implement into their next operating system, iOS 10.

Hide/delete pre-installled applications

This is a request we’ve been waiting on Apple for a long time now. Tim Cook has said in an interview that hiding apps might well make its debut soon but didn’t say which version, let’s hope it iOS 10! Let’s face it, Apple cannot please everyone and we all have our favourite apps that we’d rather use over the pre-installed apps Apple provide us with. For example, although Apple Maps has improved a lot over the past few years, people still prefer to use Google Maps simply because of the Street View that they offer. Another is the web browser, again, we bring Google into the mix as some people prefer Chrome over Safari and that’s fine. I really do think that Apple should at least us choose which default apps are used across the operating system. If they won’t let us delete them, at least let us hide them.

Siri Api

Siri will be five years old in October and third-party app developers still don’t have access to Siri. Can you imagine what developers could do if they an API? I am unsure how it’d work but I can think of plenty of examples. “Hey Siri, use Shazam to identify the music playing right now”, “Hey Siri, use Google Maps to find me the quickest way home”. Come on, admit it, it’d be great if Apple allowed this. Touch ID was open to developers after only nine months and Swift was made open-source 18 months after it was first available yet Siri is still limited to Apple themselves, that’s a bit strange I have to say.

Touch ID improvements

I have a couple of things I’d like Touch ID to be able to do in iOS 10. The first is the ability to use the fingerprint technology on any pre-installed app and the second is adding the ability to use Touch ID to unlock your device as well as entering a passcode. Currently, you can have Touch ID enabled or a passcode enabled, you can’t have both. The latter probably won’t happen but stranger things have happened.

In iOS 9.3 Apple added Touch ID to Notes. That’s great and all but it should be allowed to be used, as I mentioned just a second ago, on any pre-installed app. The Messages app for example, if my device is unlocked already and someone manages to grab hold of my device before it locks itself, I’d want that app to be locked so no-one could read my messages. That’s probably the same for a lot of people. Finally, I want an added layer of security when unlocking the device. I want the fingerprint and a passcode to be required before the device is unlocked, and I’ll tell you why below.

By law, you can be forced to unlock your device if you have Touch ID enabled. However, if you only have a passcode enabled, there’s no law so nobody can force you to unlock your phone. So, if Touch ID and a passcode are required, you can be forced to apply your finger to the sensor but they can’t force you to do anything else. Maybe it’s just me but it’s a feature I’d like.

Extra: Keyboard and volume control changes

I have a couple of small features before I close out my iOS 10 wishlist. Firstly, the keyboard. If you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus you can 3D Touch on the keyboard and it’ll transform into a mini trackpad so you can move the cursor around and highlight text. It’s a brilliant feature. However, it’s inconsistent. Credit where credit’s due though. In iOS 9.3 this functionality has improved but I still feel there’s a better way they can implement this and on older devices that don’t have 3D Touch too. My solution is a long press on the spacebar instead. This way it’d work all the time (as a long press would never fail to be recognised) and it could be used on older devices such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the upcoming iPhone SE and the iPad’s too for that matter.

Finally, the volume controls. Basically, they are really annoying! When you’re watching a film or playing a game and you need to adjust the volume, this box pops up out of nowhere and distracts you from whatever you’re doing. This needs to change in my opinion. If you use Instagram and adjust the volume, that’s what I’d call a near-perfect example of what it should look like. It positioned at the very top of the screen and it’s not distracting at all.

So, there you have it, that’s all for now but expect more posts on Apple as we get closer and closer to WWDC. I may create an iPhone 7 wishlist but we’ll see. As soon as we get any solid rumours on either iOS 10 or the iPhone 7, you can bet I’ll cover it on here.