iOS 10 Wishlist – Part I

3 minute read

So we’re around three months until WWDC, arguably Apple’s biggest event of the year and it’s very likely we’ll see previews of iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. In this post I talk about what I’d like to see in Apple’s next major iOS update.

Apple tend to seed the first beta of the update shortly after the event to developers (along with public betas too) and it’ll undergo around three months of testing before it’s released to the public in September (where Apple normally have another event to introduce the new iPhone updates the public on iOS and OS X).

Night Mode

The first feature I’d like (and I mentioned this in my iOS 9 wishlist and unfortunately it’s still not included hence why I’m talking about it) is a true night mode. iOS 9.3 introduced Night Shift which changes the tint of the display but it’s by no means a night mode. If you open up the Watch app, you’ll see that the UI is different, this is what I want but I want it throughout the whole operating system. I’m really hoping Apple add this as a lot of people have been requesting this for a while now.

Clear-all button for App Switcher and Notification Center

Next, a clear-all button in the App Switcher. Apple recently confirmed that closing all apps in the App Switcher does absolutely nothing to your battery life (although if you have Facebook running, I beg to differ) but it can still be annoying if you have 10+ apps open and you have to close them all separately. The button itself could either be positioned right at the top or right at the bottom, there is room. Next, and I’ll keep this in the same paragraph as it’s the same feature but for a different part of iOS; a clear-all button in Notification Centre. Again, we all receive lots of notifications on a day-by-day basis and although they are filtered by day, if you forget to clear them, they’ll just clog up Notification Centre and it can by annoying. If Apple added these two features, it’d make a lot of people happy!

Tip: if you want to save 10%-15% of your battery life each day, delete the Facebook app and instead use the online version, it’s pretty much identical. Create a shortcut and add it to your Home screen, no-one will ever know the difference. The Facebook app is an absolute battery hog.

Customisable Control Centre

Control Centre was introduced to iOS in iOS 7 and it allows users to quickly access apps, play music, turn on AirDrop and toggle Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Orientation Lock. However, apart from the introduction of Night Shift mode, in which Apple added a new button along the bottom, Control Centre hasn’t changed much. I wish we could customise it and add our own functionality. As an example, I don’t use the DnD toggle as I have it set to turn on and off automatically so in its place I would like to be able to toggle mobile data on and off so I can quickly gain access to the Internet if I don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. (An Instant Hotspot toggle would also be welcome.) I’d also like Apple to add 3D Touch to Control Centre so we can do more without having to trawl though Settings.

Touch ID or Passcode to Power Off iPhone

The next is a security feature. Let’s say your phone got stolen and you wanted to use Find my iPhone to locate it but the person had switched the phone off. You’d be in trouble, right? What if you needed to put in your passcode or use Touch ID to turn the phone off in the first place? Granted, they could smash the phone but if they wanted to get money out of it and sell it on, they wouldn’t be able to because the iPhone would be locked to the original owners iCloud account. The original owner could then lock the iPhone rendering it useless.

Note: If you have two-step verification enabled on your account, Apple will still let you access Find my iPhone via and from there you can use Lost Mode on the device that has been stolen. You’ll need to verify yourself if you want to use any of the other apps however. 

That’s all I have for you in this post but stay tuned for iOS 10 Wishlist – Part II which will be coming tomorrow.