iOS 10 Beta 7 Features and Changes

2 minute read

Okay okay, I agree, the title is misleading, I only wanted to keep it consistent with the others. In beta 7, there’s absolutely nothing the user can see that’s different from the previous beta. There was only a four day gap between beta 6 and beta 7, that’s very rare from Apple nowadays, I can’t recall when that last happened. I can only presume there was a critical bug in beta 6 that they wanted to patch as soon as they could.

Perhaps there was a memory leak, perhaps there was a battery leak, who knows? All I know is that iOS 10 is looking very refined and is probably being loaded on to the iPhone 7 as we speak (or as I type, should I say). As soon as a new beta is released, the first thing people are now asking is “has a Dark Mode been added yet?” and it’s really annoying. Firstly, a feature as big as this would not be added in the later beta stages of a major release, it’d be added, let’s say, before the third beta at least, and after that, features that were added get refined and tweaked. Secondly, Apple never said they were going to add a Dark Mode so why should we expect it? (When Apple switch to OLED displays next year, there is a very good chance we’ll see a Dark Mode included in iOS 11, but again, nothing is set in stone.) The phase has become the new “is Safari snappier?”.

We may see one more beta but again, don’t expect anything major to change if we do, the iPhone event is rumoured to take place on the week commencing 5th of September and in the past, whenever the event has taken place, that’s when Apple release the next major update to developers while it’s released to everyone else a few days before the release of the new iPhone.

My predictions for iOS 10 and iPhone 7:

  • iPhone 7 event, iOS 10 released to developers and iOS 10.1 beta 1 released to developers – 6th September (Tuesday)
  • iPhone 7 pre-orders (if available) – 9th September (Friday)
  • iOS 10 released to the public – either 13th or 20th (both Tuesday’s)
  • iPhone 7 released – either 16th or 23rd of September (both Friday’s)

It’s not long now and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an official announcement this week from Apple as to when the event will be taking place.