iOS 10 Beta 5 Features and Changes

2 minute read

Well, it’s only been eight days since the launch of beta 4 but Apple today have released the fifth beta of iOS 10. As we get ever closer, Apple are tweaking things here and there to make it ready for its release next month.


  • New Lock Sound
  • The date is now shown from the Widget screen when on the Home screen (previously you had to open Notification Center first and then swipe right
  • Third-party widgets have a dark background which makes white text easier to read and widgets easier to use overall
  • The music output icon from the Now Playing screen and Control Center has changed
  • Accessing the camera from the Lock screen is easier
  • Updated Lightning Connector moisture indicator screen
  • “Home” has been removed from Settings
  • Updated default Home screen layout
  • Updated Lockup placeholder screen
  • Option for “None” for an alarm sound in the Clock app
  • New wallpaper for the “Home” app
  • Swift app on iPad has been split into two sections
  • Reduce White Point setting defaults at 25%, it was 80% in previous beta’s

New Bugs in this Beta:

  • Dock is buggy on 12.9-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s Plus (could be any model but can be solved by turning on “Reduce Motion” in Settings)
  • Using 3D Touch on icons on the Home screen can become misaligned for a split second after viewing the Today view
  • Using 3D Touch on the Phone app does not dial a contact unless it’s added as a widget
  • Using 3D Touch on the Notes app and tapping on a note does nothing (you’d expect it to open the note)

Bug Fixes:

  • The blank screen when using Quick Reply has been fixed
  • Ad Blockers now work correctly and no longer show a whitespace where the adverts should appear
  • Auto-Enhance feature in Photos no longer makes pictures look washed out and overexposed
  • Hands-Free prompt for navigation in Maps has returned (it was missing from beta 3 onwards)
  • Broken and/or slow Spotlight Search appears to be fixed for devices with 1GB of RAM or less

So, as you can see, there aren’t many changes that the user can actually see but Apple are definitely moving in the right direction and by the time iOS 10 is released to the public, it’ll be a great update.