iOS 10 Beta 4 Features and Changes

2 minute read

Two weeks after beta 3 was released, Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 10 and it includes lots of bug fixes, changes and speed improvements. I think beta 5 will be released on the week commencing the 15th of August and the GM will be released to developers on the 5th and releasing to everyone else, one week after on the 12th. iOS 10 is very stable and I don’t think we’ll see a sixth beta. Apple will be working hard now to fix all of the major bugs that still remain and if there are any minor bugs left over, they’ll either be fixed in iOS 10.0.1 or iOS 10.1.

The iPhone 7 event is rumoured to take place on either the 5th or 6th of September (whichever date is it, this is when iOS 10 GM will be released to developers with pre-orders going live on the 9th and the release date on the 16th.


  • The date is now shown from the Widget screen from Notification Center
  • The Haptic Feedback when locking your iPhone has been removed
  • Star ratings are noe present in the Music app
  • The iOS 8 wallpapers are back
  • New keyboard sounds when tapping the spacebar and backspace
  • Opening folders and apps feel much more responsive
  • Photo previews are cropped again (not sure if a feature or bug)
  • “Update All” Quick Action on the App Store app (visible for some, not for others)

New Bugs in this Beta:

  • Even if “Keyboard Clicks” is turned off in Settings, keyboard clicks can still be heard from every button apart from numbers, letters and the “.” button
  • Content Blockers are inconsistent. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. A temporary fix is to turn it off and on again
  • Quick Reply doesn’t work when using 3D Touch, however, you can still swipe down the notification instead

Bug Fixes:

  • Pressing backspace in Safari no longer takes you to the bottom of the page
  • PNG transparencies have been fixed
  • When using Quick Reply, tapping on the preview window will take you to the originating app
  • Weather and Stocks not fit correctly in Notification Center and are no longer cut off
  • Reduced audio glitches over Bluetooth when touching the screen