iOS 10 Beta 3 Features and Changes

2 minute read

So we haven’t had to wait as long as we did for beta 2 and it was unexpected as beta 3 came out on a Monday, normally it’d be the Tuesday. Anyway, it’s here now and it adds a lot of new features and of course gets rid of some bugs that were present in the first two beta’s.


  • On iPad when pinching to close, you can now use the Home screen mid-animation, like how it was in iOS 8
  • The new keyboard click from beta 1 which was removed in beta 2 has returned
  • New Haptic Feedback when locking the device for devices that have the Haptic Engine
  • New Lock sound (some people are saying it’s a bug as it sounds like it’s being cut off)
  • Downloaded Music can be removed and rearranged again
  • In Maps, you can edit the location of your parked car
  • The “Music Videos” tab from the Video app has been removed
  • When opening Health for the first time, it’ll ask whether or not you want data sent to Apple to help with diagnostics
  • The 3D Touch app icon shortcut has changed, Instead of saying “Share”, it now shows “Share” followed by the app name, for example, “Share Instagram”
  • Bolder text in Control Centre
  • Wider notifications on the iPad Lock screen
  • The Home app is more responsive
  • When connecting a Lightning cable, Apple will warn you if there is any detection of liquid, asking you to remove it and to check the Lighting Connector
  • “My Library” and “Apple Music” have been switched around in the Music app

New Bugs in this Beta:

  • Emoji suggestions do not come up via QuickType when replying from the Lock screen rich notification
  • Emoji Suggestions when typing words don’t show up
  • There seems to be an issue with PNG files, the background colour is showing when it shouldn’t. For example, in the Google Maps app, the arrow indicator has a coloured box behind it
  • Notification Center has a subtle reveal effect when inside an app but when you’re on the Home screen or the Lock screen, the normal slide-down effect is used (not sure if it’s a feature or a bug)

Bug Fixes:

  • The “Rest Finger to Open” now works as expected. When enabled, you can simply rest your finger on the Touch ID sensor and the phone will unlock
  • Folder lag is fixed (opening a folder and then an app would trigger rearrangement)
  • Volume HUD is fixed and is now consistently displayed
  • The Tab Switcher graphic glitches have been fixed
  • The bug where messages would overlap the Status Bar when pressing the contact photo to see contact information and going back in Messages has been fixed