iOS 10 Beta 2 Features and Bugs

4 minute read

Beta 2 is finally here! It’s been 22 days since beta 1 was released and I can only guess that because the first beta was so stable, Apple simply took their time on the second beta so that beta 2 itself could be even better! I’ve been running it for one week now and I can say it’s much better than the first beta. I’ve experienced no Springboard crashes and the performance is good. Battery life isn’t great but that’s because it’s not optimised until the later beta’s, if not the GM. Since there will (hopefully) be less bugs than the first beta, I’ll start off with the features and changes with the new bugs and bug fixes towards the bottom.


  • Bedtime mode dims when disabled (in beta 1 it was completely removed when disabled)
  • Nine new alarms in Bedtime mode
Control Center
  • “AirPlay Screen” has been renamed back to “AirPlay”
  • Renamed Flashlight 3D Touch actions: “Bright Light”, “Medium Light” and “Low Light”
  • Renamed AirDrop options: “Receiving Off”, “Contacts Only” and “Everyone”
  • Bounce effect has been removed when swiping up to enable Control Center
  • Reduce Motion has improved performance when browsing in Safari (you may still experience some lag when opening and closing tabs however)
  • Feedback app has been added
  • Original Keyboard click has returned
  • The News app can now be deleted from the Home screen
  • Disabling the lock sound toggle now works
  • The Universal Clipboard between iPhone and Mac now works
  • The Time/Date wheel picker has a new ticker sound (when selecting an alarm in the Clock app for example)
  • Reduce White Point slider now has a percentage
  • Notification popups are based on the size of the content
  • Split View in App Store has been added
Lock/Home Screen
  • “Rest Finger to Unlock” option (rest your finger on the Home button instead of hard-pressing the Home button although some users have said this feature doesn’t work as intended)
  • Passcode dots are no longer oversized (fixed system-wide but not in third-party apps)
  • Rich Notifications now work on non-3D Touch devices
  • Tweaked folder animation compared to beta 1 when opening and closing folders
  • Folders are more transparent and blurred compared to beta 1
  • In Reachability mode, the 3D Touch shortcuts are displayed in reverse order
  • During navigation, the current street you’re driving on is shown at the bottom in a small rounded white box with blue lettering and a blue outline
  • Contact names and pictures at the top in group conversations are displayed side-by-side instead of overlapping
  • New Store UI and “Manage” pane to enable/disable built-in Messages add-ons
  • Messages apps can be added automatically
  • If you 3D Touch on a conversation and swipe up, you’ll be presented with a list of preset replies and it also allows you to create a custom reply
  • Handwritten messages and messages with special effects can now be delivered to iOS 9 devices but they do not animate
  • Now supports Dynamic Type system-wide font size set in Settings
  • “Shuffle All” is displayed in a more prominent position
  • Ability to click on an artists’ name and get a full list of albums (sometimes buggy)
  • “Downloaded Music” renamed to “Downloads” (also no longer removable)
  • Results for Playlists now show when searching in “My Library”
  • “You Might Also Like” recommendation is back at the bottom of album pages
  • Ability to change cellular data settings for streaming and downloads independently
Notification Center
  • Third-party widgets in Notification Center are no longer a fixed height
  • Spotlight Search is much more responsive for some users
  • Voicemail transcripts are now live for some users (may depend on carrier and may need activating)
  • Long-pressing on the tabs button displays a “New Tab” button
  • New animation when activating Siri

New Bugs in this Beta:

  • “Show More” and “Show Less” in Spotlight Search are sometimes underlined
  • The clock in the Status Bar will sporadically disappear after unlocking the device and will also be missing in some apps for a short time
  • Schlage Sense still shows “Not Supported” in the Home app
  • Phillips Hue Accent’s tone adjustment not yet supported
  • When in conversation view in the Messages app, click on a contact’s photo. Going back to the conversation results in a transparent Status Bar
  • Frequent audio skips when listening to audio over Bluetooth (varies by user)
  • Widgets occasionally show as empty in Notification Center
  • Occasional issues with Siri when connected to CarPlay (such as reading things through the phone speaker)
  • The colours used for AirPlay devices in Control Center are inverted for some users (white for some, black for some)
  • Smart playlists are not working in the Music app, nothing is displayed
  • Usage and Standby time are the same for some users
  • The Status Bar disappears when returning to the Home screen while on a phone call
  • Restarting your iPhone may cause the Camera and FaceTime apps to disappear
  • When leaving a call by going to another app via FaceTime and then returning to the FaceTime app, the video will not rotate correctly

Bug Fixes:

App Store
  • TestFlight apps no longer appear as “Updates” to older versions in the App Store
  • Status Bar no longer disappears when rotating from landscape to portrait
  • Tapping the keyboard icon while in handwriting mode will now allow you to type on the keyboard in landscape mode
  • Copying a phone number from Recent and the dialler is back
  • Mute appears to be fixed during phone calls