iOS 10 Beta 1 Features and Bugs

4 minute read

So the wait is over, for developers, the first beta of iOS 10 is now available and Apple have said that a public beta will be released in July. I will be covering all of the beta releases on my blog going through all of the new features and all of the bugs too! I had better remind you that it’s not advised to install a beta on your primary device, proceed at your own caution. (I will start off with the list of bugs as this is the first beta, with future posts, I will start with the features first.)


  • Muting during phone calls does not work
  • Using Force Touch to respond to a text message from the Lock screen sometimes results in a text reply window that cannot be closed with the Home button
  • When iPhone is plugged into a car via USB, Siri speaks even though the setting “No Voice” is selected
  • Cannot take a screenshot from the Lock screen (device simply turns off)
  • Alarms remain on the Lock screen as “Snoozing” displaying a minus amount once they have been stopped
  • When replying in a text box (could be all HTML5 textarea’s) Safari will jump to the bottom of the page after every tap on the keyboard
  • The Home app does not support Eve or August accessories
  • When selecting an alarm in the Clock app for Bedtime mode, the sample alarm will sound until you force close the app
  • Turning off the Keyboard Clicks also turns off the Taptic Feedback for the Mute Switch
  • Rotating the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 9.7″ will sometimes lock the orientation in place
  • iPad Pro 9.7″ audio glitches and becomes silent when plugging in headphones
  • Choppy performance when Reduce Motion is enabled in Safari
  • Facebook icon in Settings not displaying correctly for some
  • Lock sound is heard even when turned off in Settings
  • Within any app, pressing the Home button to enable the App Switcher sometimes causes the device to go to the Home screen but then immediately switches back to the App Switcher
  • When sending a PDF from Notes, if you write a message first and then enter the contact number, it’ll erase the PDF content
  • The Home app cannot adjust the temperature on Phillips Hue ambience bulbs
  • Reachability works intermittently (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • The alarm volume is ignored in Alarm and Bedtime mode (sound is always played at full volume)
  • In the Today/Widget view on the Home screen, pressing the Home button and swiping to the right (back to the Widget view) immediately after will make the Home screen icons slide to the right, the widgets slide to the left, leaving the Home screen empty until the Home button or the screen is pressed again
  • Downgrading to another version of iOS will result in losing all your message history in the Messages app
  • Fast charging the iPad Pro 12.9″ with the 29W USB-C charger and cable does not work


Control center
  • Control Center has been redesigned with a separate Music pane (First pane and second pane)
  • 3D Touch shortcuts for Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera
  • 3D Touch Cellular shortcut for Settings
  • New Face Gallery section in the Watch app
  • Bedtime Mode in the Clock app
  • New Keyboard click sound
  • Photo filters and swap camera buttons have been switched around
  • “Unoptimized for iOS 10” warning in some apps
  • DFU mode now shows URL to Apple Support for restoring
  • Music no longer stops when the Camera is open and when taking a photo
  • The dialog box for deleting an app is different (Delete is now in red and positioned on the right side)
  • Ability to exit immediately out of loading apps by pressing the Home button
  • Copy and Paste tool seems more consistent (Requires only one tap to bring up the dialog)
  • Security recommendations for joined unsecured Wi-Fi networks in Wi-Fi screen in Settings
  • Tab App Switcher
  • Split View for the Music app
  • Split View for the Safari app (You can have two windows open side-by-side but they cannot be resized)
Lock/Home Screen
  • Lock icon appears in Status Bar when on the Lock screen
  • Slide to Unlock replaced with pressing the Home button to unlock
  • Modified opening/closing app animation
  • The ability to remove some of the first-party apps such as Mail, Notes, Weather, Calendar and more
  • New iOS 10 wallpaper (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s) (iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus)
  • When pausing music on the Lock screen, the album artwork shrinks and when resumed, is full size
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists
  • Conversations have a new card view and replies appear in conversations
  • On the Today screen, the Maps widget will tell you where you have parked your car (requires Bluetooth from your car to be able to work)
  • When reporting “Location on Map” errors you’re able to use your current location to find where you’re at (there is now a crosshair selector to place on building/house for corrected location)
  • New name initial icons
  • Individual read receipts
  • Emoji predictions built into QuickType (Not just in the Messages app)
  • Text-to-Emoji replacement (Again, not just in the Messages app)
  • Link thumbnails/previews
  • Inline video playback now possible on iPhone by pressing the bottom-right button on the full-screen player (Some videos will automatically play inline if configured correctly)
  • Long-pressing on the tabs button will now display a dialog to close the amount of tabs open
  • Mail, Contacts and Calendar now have their own section
  • Colour Filters in Accessibility Settings
  • Reduce White Point is now a slider (Previously, it was a toggle)
  • If “Wi-Fi Assist” is disabled, “Reset All Settings” will not re-enable the setting
  • New Siri icon in Settings
  • New Siri tab in Settings
  • Voice is now clearer
  • New English accents: Irish and South African
Spotlight Search
  • Spotlight results are now rounded
  • Spotlight keyboard has locked orientation
  • New Built-in Widgets: Calendar, Phone, Mail, Maps, Music, Notes, Photos and Tips


  • Favourites list in the Phone app is not smooth
  • Opening the Phone app while favourites is selected drops frames
  • Mobile data menu is now smooth

I have to say, this beta, for the first, is very good. Most of my third-party apps work fine and I’ve not had many springboard crashes so far. The performance is brilliant I have to say. If we compare this to the first beta of iOS 9, it’s night and day. Things can, and will only get better as we proceed with future beta’s and iOS 10 could be one of Apple’s most polished operating systems they have released for a while.