Hamilton Back in the Championship Fight as Rosberg Retires in Singapore

2 minute read

What a season we are having. The battle between the two Mercedes drivers keeps on getting more intense and yesterday Hamilton took a three point lead going into the next race, Suzuka. It was yet another reliability issue for Mercedes. They really need to get on top of all the issues (especially for next season as I fear the competition will be closer) because when their cars are at 100% they are very difficult to beat.

Even before the formation lap during yesterday’s Singapore Grand Prix, Rosberg was in trouble. He ended up starting from pit-lane, what a chance Hamilton had here. Of course, Rosberg was way down the field and when he couldn’t overtake a Caterham we knew the issues hadn’t been resolved. It seemed that when he was in 3rd gear, it skipped 4th and went straight to 5th so he was losing out there. When he came in for his pit-stop, it all went wrong, they tried a reboot but to no avail. Rosberg had to retire from the Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, up front, Hamilton was on his own, looking after the tyres and for once, all was going smoothly. However, Perez made contact with another car and as a result, his front wing detached from his car and the Safety Car was called out. At this point, Vettel was in 2nd with Ricciardo in 3rd and Alonso in 4th, all of them took the opportunity and pitted but Hamilton stayed out. This meant that when the Safety Car came back in, Hamilton had to pit again as he hadn’t used the other compound of tyre, the three behind him, had.

What Hamilton done next was extraordinary, on the super-soft tyre he created a 3.3 second gap from Vettel in 2nd on the lap the Safety Car went in and kept increasing the gap on every lap, he was pushing 100% and by the time he was called in for the last pit-stop he had created a massive 25.2 second lead. He came out behind Vettel and just in front of Ricciardo. It was only a matter of time before he regained the lead of the Grand Prix thanks to his much fresher tyres. Hamilton won in Singapore while his team-mate Rosberg had to retire. Hamilton now leads the Championship by three points and it’s going to be brilliant end to the season.

I genuinely have no idea who will win, Hamilton is the fastest guy on the grid but isn’t as calm as Rosberg in the car. Hamilton has also been in this position before, I mean, he won his first Championship title at the last race during the last lap in 2008! Neither driver can afford any more reliability issues and I’d hate to see it come down to that. Let’s see these two drivers battle it out fairly right up until the last lap in Abi Dhabi. Double points may play a key factor in this fight between Hamilton and Rosberg and if it does, I may not be too happy about that especially if it turns out in Rosberg’s favour, but, they are the rules and we must accept them. Let’s hope double points are scrapped for the 2015 Formula 1 season.