Furious 7 – Review (SPOILERS)

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Where do I start, really? Furious 7 was fantastic. The plot evolved around Deckard Shaw getting revenge after Dom and his crew defeated his brother, Owen Shaw, and put him in hospital. Deckard pays to a trip to Agent Hobbs’ office to investigate Dom and his crew. A fight breaks out and Deckard manages to escape as he detonates a bomb that sends Hobbs and Elena Neves fly from the building and land on the top of a car. Severely injured, Hobbs is rushed to the hospital.

We then go back to the Dom’s house (the original house from the first film) where Deckard phones Dom and says “Dominic Toretto. You don’t know me… but you’re about to.” A bomb then destroys the house while simultaneously killing Han too. (You might remember at the end of Fast & Furious 6 Deckard phoned Dom, this is what was happening in L.A at the time the explosion went off in Tokyo.)

Dom visits Hobbs in hospital where he learns that Deckard is out for revenge. Dom then visits Tokyo where he meets Sean who gives him personal effects that were found at Han’s crash. Back home, the funeral of Han is underway, a few moments later Dom spots a car which he believes to be Deckard, a chase then breaks out, they end up facing each other, preparing for a game of chicken in their cars. Deckard slips away as Frank Petty and his special-ops team arrives. He states that he will help Dom capture Deckard if he prevents a mercenary called Jakande from obtaining God’s Eye, a computer program that can hack into any device, connected to any network as well as saving its creator, Ramsey.

Dom’s team goes after Jakande’s convoy, the convoy that have kidnapped Ramsey. Brian ends up freeing Ramsey and they take her to a safe place. It is then revealed that she sold the device to someone in Abi Dhabi, the crew then head over there and they find the buyer. The buyer then reveals that, he also sold the device on to someone else. The seller says that the person who bought God’s Eye is having a party in his penthouse suite. Dom and his crew crash the party and end up getting the device back.

They use God’s Eye to locate Deckard who is waiting at a remote factory. Dom and his crew as well as Petty’s crew attempt to capture Deckard but are ambushed by Jakande and his militants. Jakande and Deckard have been working together. Most of Petty’s men are killed and Petty himself is injured, he manages to escape with Dom and Brian while Jakande obtains God’s Eye from one of Petty’s men.

Left with no other choice, Dom and his crew return to Los Angeles to fight Shaw, Jakande and his men on the streets they know best. Jakande, in a stealth helicopter use God’s Eye to track Ramsey down. Ramsey attempts to take down God’s Eye while the crew keep her mobile in a series of vehicles. Ramsey successfully completes the hack, regaining control of God’s Eye, and takes it offline. Hobbs meanwhile is still in hospital when he sees what’s happening on the news, with his help they are able to capture Deckard and kill Jakande. Dom nearly dies but regains consciousness. Letty tells him all her memories have returned.

Towards the end, Deckard is taken into custody by Hobbs and locked away in a secret, high-protection CIA prison. Meanwhile at a beach, Brian and Mia are playing with their son while Dom, Letty, Roman and Tej watch. Dom silently leaves them all and ends up stopping at a crossroads. Brian then pulls up beside him and says “Hey, thought you could leave without saying goodbye?”, they share a smile and have their final goodbyes. A little monologue then plays with Vin sharing the good times with Paul over the previous six films. Back to the present, both drive off in different directions indicating Dom is off on more adventures while Brian is going back to his family after this one last ride. The screen then fades to white while the words “For Paul” appear in the center in black. It was handled brilliantly.

We’ll never forget Paul Walker. Furious 7 was for him. Everyone else continued to make the film for him. He tragically died in a car crash in November 2013. Paul’s brothers stepped in and finished the scenes Paul couldn’t. Apparently, Paul had completed around 80% of the scenes from the film. The CGI was outstanding, it was very difficult to tell whether or not it was Paul or one of his brothers playing the part. I’ll admit, it brought more than a year to my eye and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one when I was watching it at the cinema.

Believe it or not, they are continuing with the franchise. Vin Diesel teased in an interview that Furious 8 will be set in New York and is due to be released sometime in 2017. In fact, there might be two more.

Here’s a quote from Vin:

“‘7’ is the beginning of the next trilogy in the thought-out story. The three stories of 7, 8 and 9 are mapped out in a structure, even if they’re not signed off on. The direction of 7, 8 and 9 is clear.”

There were a few scenes in Furious 7 that were ridiculous, for example, when Dom and Brian jump between three buildings in Abu Dhabi in the supercar, when the bus is about to fall off the cliff and Brian jumps and manages to grab hold of the rear wing of the car that Letty’s driving and when Dom and Deckard go head-to-head in a game of chicken (you’d be injured for sure, you wouldn’t just get out of the car like nothing has happened).

Forget all that though. There’s only one reason why you should go and see Furious 7 and I think you know exactly what that reason is.

R.I.P Paul Walker.