Fast Six – Review (SPOILERS)

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Well, what can I say about Fast Six? Firstly, I can say it was better than Fast Five. I went with my cousin and we left late to get to the cinema and we ended up sitting on the stairs, it was packed! Luckily, we found two seats together after around five minutes! Anyway, back to the film! I don’t know why but in my mind I didn’t think Justin Lin (the Director) could top Fast Five, he did, the film was outstanding!

The film starts where Fast Five ended with Dom and Brian racing once and for all, no wagers, no stakes and, most importantly, to see who is the better driver. Brian and Mia’s son has been born and they are all living the high-life after accumulating £100 million in Rio. Meanwhile Hobbs (and his new partner, Riley) investigate the destruction of a Russian military convoy who are led by Owen Shaw. Hobbs tracks down Torretto and shows him a photo of the presumably dead Letty who is a part of Shaw’s team. Hobbs asks for Dom’s help in taking Shaw down, Dom agrees (after agreeing that Hobbs will issue out full pardons) and assembles his team.

After capturing one of Shaw’s men, Hobbs and his team wiretap and order him to identify Shaw in Shaw’s hideout. When Shaw is found, he jumps in a custom-built car and drives out of his hideout while detonating the area around him. Dom, Brian, Roman, Tej, Han, and Gisele pursue Shaw and his team which results in a high-speed chase. Dom manages to stop Letty, who unhesitatingly shoots him and drives away. It’s revealed that Letty suffered from amnesia from her accident in Fast and Furious. Dom learns that Letty will be racing in the streets of London. The race (started by Rita Ora) carries on through London but there is no clear winner. After the race, Dom approaches Letty and tries to convince her that, though she does not remember anything, she has not changed. When she drives off, Shaw arrives and offers Dom to walk away or face the consequences.

With Tej’s help, Dom and his team trace Shaw’s next attack to a NATO military base in Spain. Shaw manages to steal a tank (but more critically, a computer chip worth billions) and Dom and his team chase him on the highway. The chase ends on a bridge where Dom risks his life for Letty, meanwhile, Shaw had been captured. When Shaw is confronted by the police, Dom learns that Shaw has kidnapped Mia and that he would only let her go if he walked free. Dom reluctantly agrees. Shaw and his team, as well as Riley drive away to an airport where a aircraft awaits.

Dom and his team follow him. Dom, Letty and Hobbs get on the aircraft while the rest of the team try and stop the aircraft from taking off. Gisele sacrifices herself to save Han in one particular fight. While Letty and Hobbs manage to get off the aircraft Dom remains on to try and get back the computer chip that Shaw stole. After much damage, the aircraft explodes and Dom survives with the chip in his hand. Meanwhile back in the States the team are having a family lunch. Letty thanks Elena for watching over Dom. Dom asks Letty if the gathering felt familiar, she answers no but admits it feels like home.

In the post-credits scene we are taken back to the death of Han and chase at the end of Tokyo Drift, Han is hit by an oncoming car. As the driver walks away from the scene (the driver is Jason Statham) he triggers the subsequent explosion that kills Han. The driver calls Dom and says “Dominic Toretto. You don’t know me… but you’re about to.” It’s revealed that he is Ian Shaw, the older brother of Owen.

Wow. It was just amazing! It was great to see Dom and Letty back together but what stole the show was the post-credits scene! We can now officially say that Fast Seven will be set after Tokyo Drift.