Apple Watch – First Impressions

2 minute read

First things first. In my previous post about Apple Watch I said that I had pre-ordered the Apple Watch Sport 38mm with Black Sport Band, however on the 22nd of April I also pre-ordered the Apple Watch 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band. I couldn’t bring myself to cancel the Apple Watch Sport pre-order in case it turned up first.

I was checking the order status page on Apple’s website every hour and every time I looked, the word “Processing” could be seen for both models. I was in for a long wait, well, that’s what I thought. I’m sure the word “Processing” got bigger and bigger every time I looked at it! However, three days ago I went to check and I was shocked to see that the order status on my second pre-order had changed to “Preparing for Dispatch”. One day later, it was on my wrist. I instantly cancelled my first pre-order. There are still people who pre-ordered on the 10th of April who have yet to receive their watch, I do feel for them. I placed an order 12 days after them yet I got mine before them.

I’ll have a review soon but this post is simply about first impressions This thing is stunning. The watch is smaller than I thought and that isn’t a bad thing, my wrists are very small and I think getting the 38mm was definitely the correct choice. I am also a lefty so that required to swap the bands around, doing this was a breeze, simply press the two buttons on the back of the watch and the bands slip out. The Digital Crown is also positioned on the bottom-left for me which isn’t an issue.

Setting up the watch was also simple to do. You open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, position the viewfinder to fit the watch face using the camera and that’s all there is to it. I was up and running in minutes.

Finally, the battery. For a device this small it is quite simply remarkable. It’s just gone 2030 and my watch is showing 51%. That’s amazing!

Stay tuned for more on Apple Watch, the next post will be a review on Apple Watch which I have yet to start so it could be a while before it’s published.