App Store Changes Coming in iOS 10.3

2 minute read

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 10.3 to registered developers and although it doesn’t include many major changes compared to previous X.X releases, there will be a few changes coming to the App Store (some of which are already live if you’re running iOS 10.3 beta 1). In this post I’ll be talking about the changes and why the App Store will be an even better place to discover, review and download apps.

Firstly, a small change which is already live, you can now 3D Touch on a review and it’ll bring up three options; “Helpful”, “Not Helpful” and “Report a Concern”. The reviews themselves have always been in a random order which is annoying and at time of writing, they are still in a random order, I hope Apple changes this in the future (preferably by the time 10.3 is released to the public) and simply make it so that the newest reviews are at the top.

The first major change is that developers will be able to respond to user reviews on the App Store which is something that developers themselves have been asking for ever since the App Store made its debut in 2008. The developers response will be placed directly under the original review. Next, new API’s will be introduced which will allow users to write reviews directly in an app. At the moment, if you write a review, you’ll always be taken to the App Store, which, again, is annoying. Also, you know those annoying pop-ups which ask you to review the app? They’ll be toned down as developers will only be able to prompt you three times per YEAR and if you do end up rating the app, you’ll NEVER see a pop-up again, even if they release a new version. 

Finally, a few minor but welcome changes. You no longer need to insert your Apple ID password once you click on “Write a Review” in the App Store (and this change is live by the way). Previously, even if you wanted to edit a review, it’d always ask for your password and it was really annoying, especially if you have a really long password, like me. I mean, you can download apps with Touch ID so why didn’t they allow us to use it to write reviews? Anyway, that’s no longer an issue. The body font size has also been reduced in size as well, I’m not sure when this was changed but now it’s the same size as the heading font size. The last improvement is a new setting under “iTunes & App Stores” called “In-App Ratings & Reviews”. The help text simply states; “Help developers and other users know what you think by letting apps ask for product feedback”.

That’s all for now. We might see more changes in beta 2 and if there are, I’ll be posting the changes on here.