Analysis From the First Formula 1 Test in Jerez

2 minute read

So the first test in Jerez is over and it’s safe to say the major regulation changes this year have got Red Bull scratching their heads. Over the four days Red Bull only managed to put in 21 laps. If we compare that to Mercedes who managed 309 laps that’s a colossal difference. However, this is Red Bull we are talking about, the team who have the best technical minded asset in F1, Adrian Newey, so let’s not say anything as of yet.

Let’s talk about Mercedes. For the past two or three years the team have been looking forward to this season. It’s their best chance of winning the Championship this year and they have the drivers for it. Over the four days, Hamilton completed 121 laps while Rosberg managed even more, 188 laps. I know it’s early days but this is brilliant for Mercedes. On the first day, Hamilton had a front-wing failure but as for the actual engine, gearbox and ERS system both cars managed to put in lap after lap which suggests that for Mercedes, reliability, at the moment, isn’t an issue.

Ferrari also had a good test as they managed 251 laps. Räikkönen was back in the Ferrari as he set the fastest lap time on the first day. McLaren had a better second half to testing as their new driver, Magnussen managed 110 laps on the final day. The second Formula 1 test takes place in Bahrain on the 19th of February where it will be a lot hotter so that is where reliability may become even more of a factor.

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