From June 2017

How iOS 11 Fixes a Lot of Small Persistent Issues for Users

4 minute read

I’m going to get it out there. As always, no matter what Apple do, people will complain about the changes they make, and quite frankly, there’s nothing you can do about it. People expected, for some reason,¬†that iOS 11 would undergo a major redesign and yesterday during WWDC, that didn’t happen. There are a few new UI elements in iOS 11 but as a whole, it looks, largely, the same as its predecessor, iOS 10. However, with major updates, Apple always add small changes and tweak things here and there and that’s why I think, when it’s released to the public, iOS 11 is going to be a very good update. I’ve been running iOS 11 beta 1 for 24 hours now and of course the battery life sucks and it feels very sluggish but it’s manageable. In this post I talk about some issues that have remained in iOS for a very long time but thanks to iOS 11, are no longer there.

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