From March 2014

iOS 7.1 Is Now Available to Download – Review

3 minute read

To me, iOS 7.1 was a massive update, I was one of many keeping an eye on forums and Twitter waiting for the anticipated 7.1 update. It was 16.56 GMT and I was on the forums on looking through various iOS 7.1 threads and suddenly I saw a screenshot someone had posted from Twitter (@iOSReleases was the username) showing that iOS 7.1 had been released.

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When Will iOS 7.1 Be Released?

2 minute read

Even though iOS 7.1 is only a point update, for many, it’s an update that people want right now. When Apple announced iOS 7 for the first time, I was very excited, it took me while to get used to the all-new design but now, looking back, iOS 6 just looks old.

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