From February 2014

Analysis From the Second Formula 1 Test in Bahrain

2 minute read

I recommend you read analysis from the first Formula 1 test in Jerez before reading this post.

The second test in Bahrain is all over and I’ll start by saying this; Red Bull may not finish the first race in Australia and dare I even say it, the second race in Malaysia. Red Bull, over the four days only managed 137 laps and that is nowhere near enough testing for a car that, this year, is so different to the last. Now, let’s not write off Red Bull, this is the team that has dominated Formula 1 for the past four years but all these technical changes are proving to be a big challenge for them.

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iOS 7.1 Release Date and Bug Fixes

1 minute read

iOS 7.1 is looking to be one of Apple’s greatest updates. It’s safe to say that iOS 7 is full of bugs. I’ll even say Apple shouldn’t have released iOS 7 when they did, they should of delayed it. However, with iOS 7.1 nearing release we’ll no longer get random crashes that a lot of people are experiencing.

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