2014 Formula 1 Season Review

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The 2014 Formula 1 season is all over and what a season it was. I’m a Hamilton fan so, for me, it was brilliant to see Hamilton win his second world title. And let’s be honest, he fully deserved it.

Rosberg might have been the best driver on the Saturday (taking 11 poles compared with Hamilton’s seven) but it only matters what you do on the Sunday and Hamilton always had the upper-hand on his team-mate. We have to mention Mercedes of course. They worked so hard for this over the past couple of years and it certainly paid off. One of their drivers won the title and they themselves won the prestigious Constructors’ title. It couldn’t have gone any better.

We had many highlights but the season didn’t go without incident. At Bahrain, we saw, what was in my opinion, one of the greatest races ever shown on TV as we saw Hamilton and Rosberg fighting for the win with 10 laps to go. Another highlight was Hamilton winning the British Grand Prix which from a fans’ perspective was amazing to watch.

The season didn’t go without incident though. I have three main incidents that I want to talk about. The first came at Monaco where Rosberg was on provisional pole and Hamilton, close behind, was on a quicker lap that would have put him on pole but Rosberg went down the escape road at Mirabeau which caused the yellow flags to be waved, this, of course, meant all cars, in the same sector, had to slow down. Many people, including me, thought that Rosberg had done this on purpose to avoid Hamilton taking pole position. One of the main reasons was because on the previous lap, Rosberg broke much earlier down into Mirabeau but on the next, broke much later which did bring out the flags. Rosberg went on to win the race with Hamilton taking 2nd.

The second incident took place in Canada. Again, we thought that it’d be a battle between Hamilton and Rosberg and it was but both drivers had major ERS-K issues which led to Hamilton retiring from the race and Rosberg losing the lead to Ricciardo in the Red Bull. I have a separate post about the Canadian Grand Prix, click here to read the post.

The third and final incident, and the biggest of the season, took place at Spa, Belgium. Qualifying went without any hiccups but on race day Hamilton and Rosberg went to battle once again. However, the battle didn’t last long as, on lap two, Rosberg went into the back of Hamilton’s car. Rosberg only got front-wing damage but Hamilton had a rear puncture and lost a massive amount of time driving back into the pits for new tyres. Eventually, Hamilton had to retire from the Grand Prix while Rosberg went on to finish in 2nd place.

The majority of the season was about Mercedes but there was one team that put up a great fight, Williams. Bottas, for sure, is a future world champion. Some of his drives this year were simply outstanding. They were the only team to beat Mercedes to a pole position and that was at Austria. Williams didn’t win a race but for me, they were the second best team of the year.

Red Bull’s season was a strange one. At pre-season testing they struggled a lot and it was all down to the Renault power unit. It was simply down on power. However, as I mentioned just a minute ago, at Canada the Mercedes ran into major issues and Red Bull were there to pick up the pieces. It was Ricciardo’s first Grand Prix win. Vettel didn’t have a great season by any means, he didn’t win a race and was simply outperformed by Ricciardo.

So, we now have an age to wait until we start all over again! Mercedes will still be ahead of the pack but next year we welcome Honda back to the sport as they’ll be providing McLaren, and McLaren only with their power unit. It was confirmed in October that Lotus made the switch from the Renault power unit to the Mercedes power unit.

I’ll have analysis from the 2015 pre-season tests and be sure to check out my formula 1 website for all the latest news, qualifying and race report and pictures from the upcoming and previous seasons.