2013 Formula 1 Season Review

2 minute read

So, the 2013 Formula 1 season is over and in a way, I’m pleased. Seeing Vettel win 13 races out of the 19 races on the calendar as well as taking nine races wins in a row after the summer break was very difficult to handle, what was it like for the drivers? The first half of the season was very good as we had some actual racing to watch.

Red Bull didn’t really have a dominant car in the first half of the season, after the summer break, that all changed. Vettel won the last nine races on the calendar and if I’m being honest, it was notoriously boring, by the time Vettel had completed two or three laps he always had a big lead and the race was pretty much over.

I feel Hamilton handled his transition from McLaren to Mercedes very well (and also timed it perfectly as McLaren had a shocking year, Hamilton has now had one year with his team to get to know everyone and settle in, he’ll be very strong next year) and has made Mercedes even stronger, I can’t wait to see what Hamilton can do in 2014. Lotus-Renault had a better second half of the season, Grosjean performed very well towards the end of the season and I do hope he’s still driving for Lotus-Renault in 2014 as I believe he’s a brilliant driver. Ferrari next, well what can you say, yet again, they didn’t give their drivers the best car but Alonso still managed to finish 2nd in the Drivers’ Championship, he’s just outstanding. Räikkönen joins Alonso next year and I believe Ferrari will have the best driver line-up.

It’s also the end of the 2.4 litre V8 engines as, in 2014, 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines will be introduced. We have major rule changes in 2014, new engines, noses have to be positioned lower and the minimum weight of the cars will increase from 642kg to 690kg. Teams have to start, pretty much, from scratch. I think Red Bull will still have the upper hand but the gap will be reduced significantly. Reliability will be a major factor in 2014 and issues will occur for any team. I cannot wait for the 2014 Formula 1 season, this season as a whole was “good”, it wasn’t an epic season by any means. The first winter testing takes place on the 28th-31st of January 2014 in Jerez and the first race of the season takes place on the 16th of March in Australia.

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